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SeeHoo Statute - Wood

  • SeeHoo Statute - Wood
  • SeeHoo Statute - Wood
  • SeeHoo Statute - Wood
  • SeeHoo Statute - Wood
  • SeeHoo Statute - Wood

Handcarved in wood.

From The Fake Death Kick story by Paul Bee Hampshire: feat. See Hoo Haa Taa, the monkey spirit who eats hot coals and excretes them as gold.

Made in Bangkok

21cm x10cm by 8.5cm
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SeeHoo HaaTaa The Legend...
Indra, the king of heaven, looked down to earth and saw a farmer tirelessly ploughing his fields and afterwards dutifully caring for his elderly mother. Impressed by his diligence and compassion, Indra decided to reward him but first, he would test the farmer’s humanity. He turned himself into a monkey with 4 ears and 5 eyes (See-Hoo-Haa-Taa) and descended from the heavens to earth. While the farmer was caring for his mother, SeeHoo HaaTaa devoured all his crops. Upon his return, the farmer saw what had happened and furiously grabbed hold of SeeHoo HaaTaa. The fuming farmer dragged him to his barn, chained him up and slammed the door shut.
Hours later, a fierce storm began to brew, ice cold winds swept across the fields. The farmer thought about SeeHoo HaaTaa alone in the cold dark barn . He took him some food and using kindling wood and charcoal built a fire, so that the creature wouldn’t freeze to death. The next morning the farmer decided that he would let the creature go free, so he went back to the barn where he found SeeHoo HaaTaa crouched over the embers eating the scorching hot coals and excreting them as gold. SeeHoo HaaTaa turned and smiled at the farmer before flying back up to the heavens and leaving behind a large pile of gold nuggets.