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ThaiCapsule ไทยแคปซูล

Sound - Vision - Smell - Touch
Limited Edition of 60.
Numbered + signed by Paul Bee Hampshire.

The ThaiCapsule project was inspired by a scene from Bee's forthcoming story, 'High on Platforms'.  In the late 80s, in a grimy Bangkok guest house, Fran & Wayne discover a metal box hidden behind a wardrobe. There's no way to pin an exact year on when the box was hidden there or why.  Inside is a cassette tape, a book of stories and prose, old photographs, and peculiar animist trinkets. 
The stories in the book and on the cassette tape tell tales of fairground style fake-death motorcycle rides that fuse screeching off the mortal coil with orgasm, soul stealing temple birds, and Indian shrines that sell animated death predictions. Much to Fran & Wayne's distress they also find a photograph of themselves in the box...

Bangkok 1988, Madame Guest House.  
“There’s something under the wardrobe?” 
“Why are you even looking under the wardrobe?”
“Checking for cockroaches.”
“It’s only fifty baht a night here, they’ve probably got their own rooms.” 
Fran rolled up a Bangkok Post newspaper and fished out an old metal box. 
“That’s probably someone’s roach collection,” Wayne said.
She flung the box at him. He snapped off the two big rubber bands that were wrapped around it. “What the fuck?” He pointed the opened box in Fran’s direction…

Words & Music by Paul Bee Hampshire

ThaiCapsule ไทยแคปซูล Contents:

Signed book of short stories, prose, and photographs, stitched in red thread.
Cassette tape (with downloadable links).
Metal matchbox tin with See Hoo Haa Taa, the monkey spirit on the lid & 24 karat gold finished matchstick inside.
Handmade temple bird cage, with handmade bird & gold Shadoo bird.
Yaa dohm gold customized herbal inhaler.
Katoon Vishun comic with authentic handmade coin.
Original 60"s or 70's Thai photograph (different in each box).
Handwritten plastic postcard (unique content on each one).
Original handwritten page from 1970's Thai science journal (writer unknown).
Fake Death Kick patch.
Plus, a photo of Wayne & Fran (from the High on Platforms story).

Steel Amulet Box lined with original 70's Thai press clippings.
Box size: 15cm x 25cm x 2.3 cm
Arrives in embroidered velvet drawstring bag.

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