Hand & Penis Necklace

  • Hand & Penis Necklace
  • Hand & Penis Necklace
  • Hand & Penis Necklace
  • Hand & Penis Necklace
  • Hand & Penis Necklace

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Gold Plated Chain with Hand & Phallus charms.

The 'Vitarka mudra' ritualistic hand gesture of a circle formed by the index finger and thumb symbolizes the flow of information and energy.

Palad Khik is used for good luck, fertility, and as a charm to ward off evil spirits.
Palad Khik literally means "honorable surrogate penis" and it has an interesting origin story. The amulet originated from India and is associated with the Hindu god Shiva, who is typically depicted as a Shiva Linga. The Cham people brought this amulet to Southeast Asia where it has remained popular since. While some may find them offensive, most Thai people are superstitious and believe in the power of lucky charms and talismans. One cool thing about Palad Khik is that they can be worn in places that are considered "unclean" or "lowly" like bars, gambling casinos, and brothels. Game on!

Chain: 66cm, Penis 4cm: 2cm, hand: 3cm

Your jewelry will arrive in a luxurious velvet bag and a Steel ThaiCapsule case that has been given a unique, rustic appearance by being meticulously distressed with fire. We ship every Thursday from the UK, and all items are tracked and signed for to ensure safe and secure delivery.

Items in our Thai Capsule Jewelry collection were acquired from spirit markets in Thailand. Or made for us by local Thai brass-smiths. Here's what we know:

Gold-plated brass bling is made by mixing copper and zinc to create a metal mash-up. Then, a thin layer of gold is put on top to give it a high-end vibe. It's a cheaper way to add a bit of gold glitz without breaking the bank like 100% solid gold jewelry.

Q: Is Gold-Plated Brass legit gold?
A: Nah, gold-plated brass ain't the real deal, but it's not total fake-out jewelry either. Plated brass is when they take a regular metal like brass and give it a super thin coating of real gold. But don't get too hyped up; the actual amount of gold in the gold-plated brass is usually less than 0.05% of the weight of the whole item. The spirits still love it tho!
Just a heads up: we’ve personally worn our our chains for a couple of years and they still look sharp. However, some of the brass, bronze, gold plated, and steel charms might develop a natural patina or wear with time. To keep them shining like new and the spirits happy, store them somewhere dry, out of the sun and away from moisture, perfume, and other chemicals. If they need a cleaning, use a soft cloth and mild soap and water, then make sure they're completely dry before tucking them away again.


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