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Wax SeeHoo HaaTaa

  • Wax SeeHoo HaaTaa
  • Wax SeeHoo HaaTaa
  • Wax SeeHoo HaaTaa
  • Wax SeeHoo HaaTaa

SeeHoo HaaTaa Wax Candle
Size: 16cm by 7cm

Only One Available

From The Fake Death Kick story by Paul Bee Hampshire: feat. See Hoo Haa Taa, the monkey spirit who eats hot coals and excretes them as gold.

SeeHoo HaaTaa Story
The legend of SeeHoo HaaTaa shines a light on the power of compassion and demonstrates how even the most difficult times can provide possibilities for growth and reward.

Indra, the king of heaven, looked down to earth and saw a hardworking farmer tirelessly ploughing his fields. After slaving away all day at sunset, he would head home and dutifully care for his elderly mother with tenderness and love. Impressed by his diligence and compassion, Indra decided to reward him. But first, because this is what gods do, decided to test the farmer’s humanity. Indra turned himself into a peculiar looking monkey and descended from the heavens to earth.

The blazing sun began to dip in the sky, the farmer was out tending his crops when he noticed a strange beast scurrying about. It was a monkey with four ears and five eyes, unlike anything he had ever seen before. The monkey seemed hungry, so the farmer offered it some of his freshly picked bananas. To his surprise it ravenously wolfed them up, skins and all, leaving nothing behind.

As the days passed, the farmer continued to offer the creature food that he was harvesting, and even shared his own meals with the poor critter. The monkey, whom he named See-Hoo-Haa-Taa, grew to trust the farmer and would follow him around as he worked, chattering away in its own strange language.

One day, while the farmer was away in town getting supplies and medicine for his sick mother, See-Hoo-Haa-Taa began to pick at the crops in the field. When the farmer returned, he was devastated to see See-Hoo-Haa-Taa had greedily gobbled up the lot. Overcome with anger, the fuming farmer caught See-Hoo-Haa-Taa, put him in chains, and locked him in the barn, leaving the creature to fend for itself in the cold darkness.
Hours later, a fierce storm began to brew, ice-cold winds swept across the fields. The farmer thought about See-Hoo-Haa-Taa alone in the freezing barn. He took him some food and, using kindling wood and charcoal, built a fire so that the creature wouldn’t freeze to death. As the night wore on, the farmer began to feel a sense of guilt and compassion, he knew that he had acted rashly and with anger, and that he had not shown the money the kindness that he had always prided himself on.
The next morning, the farmer decided he would let the creature go free, so he went back to the barn to do just that. With a creak, he pushed the door open. As he peered into the dimly lit barn, he saw See-Hoo-Haa-Taa crouched beside the remains of the fire, staring into the molten ashes, it turned to gaze wildly at the farmer, then began furiously devouring the red hot coals. A faint whiff of sulfur filled the air. To the farmer's astonishment, the monkey started excreting the fiery coals as steaming piles of molten gold nuggets. See-Hoo-Haa-Taa turned to face the farmer, a smile of heartfelt gratitude adorned his face before he raised his arms and took off into the air with graceful, majestic movements, soaring towards the heavenly realms above. The farmer was left with a sense of awe, inspiration, and... Riches!